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Had a Daniel Bryan interview from Summerslam weekend on and suddenly Nikki Bella shows up. [x]

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Max Minghella, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter and Aubrey Plaza at the ‘About Alex’ Premiere After-Party

Max Minghella, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter and Aubrey Plaza at the ‘About Alex’ Premiere After-Party

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Simon Helberg and Jason Ritter: BFFs

There was a lot of seventh grade just walking around saying to myself, “That’s cool, I don’t need friends.” And then I saw Simon Helberg, my co-star and director in We’ll Never Have Paris, and his group of friends, and I thought they were so cool.

So I started to try and court them as friends. And I remember one day, during lunchtime, and we had all been hanging out and laughing. I got my lunch and started heading off and Simon said, “Hey man, where are you eating? You should eat lunch with us.” - Jason Ritter [x]

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"You know Crossfit is huge now right? If you talk to Crossfit people about Crossfit, they are legit Crossfit nerds. […] Seth Rollins is what I consider a Crossfit nerd. He follows Crossfitters, like these big name Crossfitters, who I’ve never heard of [and] he’s like oh my gosh this guy just machine rowed 6000 meters in a certain time. And [he] watches it. How do you watch someone on a rowing machine for 30 minutes? And he’s like oh no you didn’t understand his split time and all that kind of stuff. And I’m like oh man, you’re such a nerd."
Daniel Bryan on Seth Rollins’ love of Crossfit on Chris Jericho’s podcast.
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Pro Wrestling NOAH - KENTA & Yoshihiro Takayama vs Colt Cabana & Chris Hero (27 April 2014)

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KENTA leaves NOAH, bound for WWE at Bryan’s request?

According to Pwinsider.com, it was announced in Japan that Pro Wrestling NOAH star KENTA (real name Kenta Kobayashi) would be leaving the promotion. His final appearance will be on May 17th. KENTA spent a week at the WWE Performance Center back in January, training and working out with developmental talents.

KENTA has worked for NOAH for the past 14 years, also making appearances for Ring of Honor during that time, and having some great matches with Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan). 

Also, it seems that Daniel Bryan had something to do with it, as seen in these tweets by two European wrestlers, Tommy End and Martin Kirby:


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Sometimes I think Tumblr forgets Parks is an ensemble comedy…not a family drama about Leslie’s home life. In the words of the showrunner: “the show isn’t about Leslie’s family; it never has been.”

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